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Mark Sherwood

 Mark Sherwood

District: Clark County No. 21
Political Party: Republican
Current Job/Position: Magazine Publisher
Born: 1970
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Family: Married with four children
Education: Undergraduate at Brigham Young University
Interviewed By: Delaney Childs
Interview Date: 1/26/2012

Q & A

Q - How did you get to where you are?

“I was also interested in media. I went to school for advertising and media. My major is actually broadcast communication. After college I worked in New York City.  I worked on Madison Avenue for a television firm who represented TV stations across the country. I did that for a couple of years. I got transferred to Philadelphia where I did advertising. We handled all of the spot commercial buys for political advertising out of Philadelphia. Every other year was a big deal because of the political ads, but in the off years the office was dead. The Philadelphia Inquire then hired me to do advertising for them. The Las Vegas Review-Journal offered me a job a couple of times and I finally said okay I’m interested. That’s how I ended up coming out to Las Vegas. That’s how it happens.”

Q - Did you always want to be doing what you are doing now?

“Yeah. I own a mixed media company. I left the Las Vegas Review-Journal a few years ago. So owning my own mixed media company, we publish a magazine and are producing a TV show starting in January. I didn’t know I was going to be in publishing, but I knew I wanted to be in media and own my own business. I’ve known that for a very long time and that is how I approached my career.“

Q - What are your goals for your regular career or your personal goals?

“So for my regular career, my goals are to keep adding value to my audience first. And then my advertisers second. And then the folks who work for me third. Once you do that it all works together.”

Q - Do you think owning your own business has been difficult?

“Absolutely. What is interesting for me, over the course of the year I’ll have a hundred different clients that I do business with. I see all kinds of different businesses so I have dozens of friends who own businesses in Nevada. It is difficult. But my skills are designed for the business that I run.""

Q - How do you think the budget deficit will impact K-12 and higher education in the next biennium

“I don’t know that there will be a budget deficit. That depends on what happens with our economy. If the economy is going strong there won’t be one. Of course there is one right now. It doesn’t look like things are changing rapidly enough that there won’t be one. But there are some things that need to change; we need to put more money into higher education.”

Q - What are you legislative priorities and goals for the 2013 legislative session?

“Repeal chapter forty, which is the actions and proceedings in particular cases concerning property.”

Q - What issues facing the state do you think are the most important?

“The most important is education. I think that healthcare is also important. We need to get healthcare right…it’s a big chunk of our budget. If we don’t get it right it will eat up such a large portion of our budget that other areas will suffer.”

Q - What will be the legislative impact with redistricting of both the Senate and the Assembly and with the majority of legislators coming from Clark County?
“I don’t know that it will be much different than it is now. I think the real question is how do term limits affect that mix? When you throw in the fact that senior folks aren’t there to represent maybe districts outside of Clark County that makes more of an impact than the fact that there are more representatives from Clark County. In this next year I don’t know that it will have tremendous affects.”

Q - On what issues will you not budge?

“I am in the minority party now, and in terms of that I will not change in my ways. I am focused on a business-friendly pro jobs approach. I also want to be pro-family and make it easier for parents to raise kids. That’s an issue I care about and won’t budge on. I will not budge on the introduction on a gross receipt.”

Q - What are your hobbies or special interests?

“When I can, I like to get out and golf. I don’t get the chance very often but I do like to, and also watching my kids grow up.”

Q - What is the most unusual event you have been involved in, or unusual event you have been involved in, or unusual or memorable people you have met?

“Well, there are a lot of memorable people I have met in the last legislative session. Some of them would also qualify as unusual. You meet a lot of people from other places that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.”

Q - How did you become successful at what you do?

“Focus. I figured out very early in my career, what I wanted to do. I applied myself and had calculated risks and did hard work.”

Q - Who or what are your inspirations?

“I think my kids are inspiration for me.”

Q - What are your favorite causes?


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