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Pete Goicoechea

 Pete Goicoechea

District: No. 35
Political Party: Republican
Current Job/Position: Rancher
Born: 1949
Hometown: Eureka, NV
Family: Wife Glady Tognoni; children, J.J. Goicoechea, D.V.M., and Jolene Goicoechea-Lema
Education: White Pine County Schools, graduated Eureka County High School; attended Utah State University
This interview happened in 2009.

Q & A

Q - How did you get to where you are?
I ran for White Pine County Commissioner in 1986. I held that position for 16 years. In 2002, there were some reapportionment changes in District 35, and it became all of Eureka County, I thought it would be a good time to run.

Q - What other jobs did you have leading up to this one?
I am a third-generation rancher.

Q - Did you always want to be doing what you are doing now?
No, it was the farthest thing from my mind. I got started working with Elko Roads and I became familiar with county government. I had no interest in politics. But it’s a bad bug. Once you get started, there is always one more problem you want to try to fix.

Q - How do you think the budget deficit will impact K-12 and Higher Education in the next Biennium?
The governor gave us a budget to consider. It seems that there was a big funding void and education saw the end of it.

Q - What are your legislative priorities and goals for the 2009 legislative session?

Balancing the budget. We need to balance the budget to make sure that there is no one department taking most of the hits. We also need to take some pressure off local governments. 

Q - What issues facing the state do you think are the most important?

Actually getting to the bottom of this economic recession. After that it is important that we build from the ground up and look toward renewable energy sources.

Q - What will be the legislative impact with both the senate and the assembly having a Democratic majority, and the majority of legislators coming from Clark County?
Clearly, there will be an impact. The Assembly doesn’t have 15 Republicans necessary for solid minority, but the Senate does. There are however, a lot…of Democrats that I feel I can find middle ground with.

Q - On what issues will you not budge?
It’s too early to tell but I will hold the line on most taxes. I try to stay conservative, but there has been talk about a sunset tax or a sales tax and I could consider a sunset tax.

Q - What are your hobbies or interests?
Between ranching and the Legislature I can keep most of my time occupied. My hobbies are getting the job done.

Q - What is the most unusual event you have been involved in or unusual or memorable people you have met?
Assemblyman John Carpenter is probably one of the most respected leaders in the Legislature. I have really looked up to him and tried to follow his lead.

Q - How did you become successful at what you do?
I’d rather be lucky than smart. I think things just come into place.

Q - Who or what are your inspirations?
Close friends and people in rural Nevada. There are so many people that I talk to that always give me great advice.

Q - What are you favorite causes?
Our volunteer fire department is a good cause. I was a very active member for a long time. They are essential to rural Nevada.

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